Friday, October 10, 2008

Danzannyam Shagdarsüren


The weather clears up in your smile,
And the pure moon chooses growth upon the sands.
The mind awakens beneath your gaze,
And our dear ones choose to delay their joy with you.

The stars are happy when you sing,
And silver dust glitters on the earth.
And, when you remember, signs and omens
Bring the shaman’s dreams at night.

The sun shines in your mind,
And iron is tempered in its heat.
I put my trust in you for my desires,
It is for you I sing this little song.


In the distance, glittering with mirages,
Things come together and drift apart.
And, as the dark brown khaliun run,
A gentle flame brushes their stirrups.

In the eyes of one used to the steppe,
The edge of heaven appears nearby.
In the actions of the horses, used to distance,
It seems their homeland stretches straight ahead.

Above, a kite is circling,
Taking the measure of the broad steppe.
And so, tired out below.
I rest upon a hill, I crane my neck back.

1 comment:

khagaan said...

Sain uu? Naizaa
Edgeer nomyg haanaas avch boloh ve?
On-line hudaldaand bii yu? ruu hariu bichvel bayarlah baina!

Gunee hundetgesen: nairag sonson noiroo helmegduulegch