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Dulduit Danzanravjaa (1803-1856)


Your perfect qualities,
Are like colors reflected in a mirror.
I see your shining face, my dear,
And truly you have captured
My entire mind and body.
Like the cuckoo’s song,
You relieve the stress in my mind.
Your kind words are gentle, my dear,
With such kindness you sit
And offer comfort.
Your elegant body ,
Borne upon the breeze,
Is beyond words, my dear.
Like the scent of red sandalwood,
You more and more entrance my thoughts.
Like the taste of honey
Flowing from the heart of the lotus,
Joy in you, my dear,
Makes me ever happier,
Happier beyond belief.
In this human age,
To do what you wish
Is to wish for the things of heaven.
Afloat upon the ocean of deep enjoyment,
Let us be joyful together.


And oh, the old get older without collecting merit - what a shame!
And oh, the young get dressed up without straightening their minds - what a shame!
And oh, the wise don’t put their Dharma minds together - what a shame!
And oh, the princes are showy when they serve - what a shame!
And oh, the girls support their men, but not their father - what a shame!
And oh, the ministers quarrel together over the state - what a shame!
And oh, the pandits learn various things, but not the Dharma - what a shame!
And oh, the yogis scream phat! when they’re meditating - what a shame!
And oh, the sangha study in the monastery by day and wander round the camp at night
- what a shame!
And oh, the students pray openly and stuff themselves in secret - what a shame!
And oh, the doctors consider cost and not a helpful attitude - what a shame!
And oh, the cautious expose the faults of others, and don’t look at their own faults -
what a shame!
And oh, the girls’ eyes watch his face, but their minds are on the way his ass moves -
what a shame!
And oh, the scholars teach others by day and slack off at night - what a shame!
And oh, the men come visiting, lambasting their wives - what a shame!
And oh, their wives make friends with others, without addressing what their husbands
say - what a shame!
And oh, if I have these faults myself, then I am first amongst equals - what a shame!
And oh, which of the others, old or young, does not? What a shame! What a shame!
Please don’t stop. Oh, you poor things!


With gentle, gentle steps
My creamwhite horse with black eyes
Stays well away from
The mass of geldings.
That one, my bright one,
Just standing amidst the crowd,
Just standing there, alert,
Its temperament so lovely.
The nightingale on the glacial lake
Sings in vain its strange songs.
Why did the child of the man
Love in vain and too much?
What is this thing called love?
It’s a lovely, ancient benediction.
Let us take the short cut by the southern slope
And reach the distant land.
It’s a pleasure to go meet
The one you desire -
You’ll need the riches of Dharma.
Let's enter Abhidharma and enjoy eternity.


Namo guru Padmasambhavaya!
Despite my laziness,
This is what I’ve written today
In my drunkenness -
My song, made up of various things.
For sure, if you think to understand your mind,
They say Mahakala’s kindness is not far, it’s really quite close.
Once the struggle’s over,
A light arises, shining from within.
Oh, my poor one!
You find this human body, in a single lifetime -
You use it pointlessly.
Thinking of Mahakala, whose blessing is profound,
You walk through the world of creatures on an even keel.
Zee ayakhai!
You have no need of pleasure, my holy lama Mahakala.
And, if we place a true prayer at the center of our heart,
Please grant pleasure, with equanimity,
To the creatures of the Gobi - and specially to me.
All these things I offer in sacrifice.
Zee zui zee kho zee.
May you look with love upon the kindness of all beings.
When in my life may I trust you from the center of my heart?
The protection of all beings is in your power,
May it seep out through the narrow defiles of the world.
Zee zui zee khoo zee.
I think of my kind mother, even though I’m old;
Compassionate like my father, I make firm friends.
Tired of the dangers of the hidden world,
When in my life shall I think of my protecting lama?
Zee zui zee khoo zee.
The isolated mind is hard like a demon.
Our life in the world is like a night-time dream.
When I speak with care about the Triple Jewel,
May my mind grasp the oath with purity.
Zee zui zee khoo zee.
What is this disreputable drunk
Saying to you as he makes his escape?
I speak with pure commitment,
Please listen closely to these various things.
Zee zui zee khoo zee.
I go back to my ger and my cattle,
But I’m in two minds.
The way through the slanderous world doesn’t matter, does it?
We’ll meet in the mandala, where everyone is camped.
Zee zui zee khoo zee.
You won’t find anyone who’ll not end up dead.
In this life, as we move away from what’s disruptive,
May we find the path of the liberated Aryas.
My glorious lama, please give your advice.
Zee zui zee khoo zee.
Oh, oh, this is all a game.
The gifts are good and good fortune is tranquil.
Complete happiness, a wonderful experience!


Wisdom and ignorance is duality, and
Hitting the mark and getting it wrong is duality.
Disturbed and attentive is duality, and
Goodness and badness is duality.
Virtue and sin is duality, and
Help and hindrance is duality.
White and black is duality, and
Receiving and rejecting is duality.
Samsara and Nirvana is duality, and
Bad and good is duality.
The state and the clergy is duality, and
This life and the next is duality.
Heaven and earth is duality, and
Tall and short is duality.
Self and other is duality, and
Inside and outside is duality.
Winter and summer is duality, and
Cold and heat is duality.
Sun and moon is duality, and
Fire and water is duality.
Birth and death is duality, and
Combining and breaking is duality.
It is and it is not is duality, and
Easy and difficult is duality.
Father and mother is duality, and
Wisdom and skilful means is duality.
Buddhas and demons is duality, and
Superior and inferior is duality.
Happiness and suffering is duality, and
Desires and frustrations is duality.
Body and mind is duality, and
Healthy and sickly is duality.
Before and after is duality, and
What has come and what is coming is duality.
Firm and fragile is duality, and
Slow and fast is duality.
Circular and triangular is duality, and
Defective and faultless is duality.
To come together and to depart is duality, and
To be seen and to disappear is duality.
Happiness and fear is duality, and
Explicit and hidden is duality.
Faith and doubt is duality, and
Trust and support is duality.
Wisdom and error is duality, and
What is and what is not is duality.
Alchemy and dream is duality, and
Created and uncreated is duality.
Word and fact is duality, and
Sign and thought is duality.
Drunk on the one taste of pairness
In the sky of nonduality,
My friends, may we accomplish
Our prayer of disappearance.

Gobi Noyon Khutugtu Danzanravjaa was a religious philosopher, educator, talented painter, composer, drama writer and poet. He wrote more than 1500 works both in Tibetan and Mongolian.

Translated by Simon Wickham Smith

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