Friday, October 10, 2008

Sh Sürenjav


I have come among you as the child of the sky.
I married a girl from the earth,
And drank tea from the cup of the sun.
I got soiled in bitter wine
And tried to find the land of misery.
I sat astride the mountains, I rushed the white snows into flurries,
I played at swinging back and forth between the hills.
As the rains of time poured from heaven, I took pleasure
In climbing the raindrops
Like a rope.
I made a necklace of the stars,
And placed it over a flower’s head.
I have come among you as a child of the sky.
I took the fiery snake from the forked lightning of Khormast,
And exhausted myself by whipping the scapegoat’s back.
I poked a pitchfork at the curly-horned cow,
Rather than at the beady black eyes of ignorance.
I muttered away misfortune and intoned purity into all things.
I crept beneath children and the old and supported the petals of flowers.
I read people’s thoughts from the expression of their eyes,
And I separated truth and lies from the tips of their words.
My senses felt their way through Khurmast’s palace,
And I became known as a poet through the pure waters of my mind.
When I tasted something,
I spat it out disdainfully, I had no expectations.
I have come among you as a child of the sky.
Why my heavenly father is dozing,
Dreaming awhile,
I have came into the world.
As soon as he awakes, I shall go.
Until then, I am with you,
Propping up the clouds, reciting epics,
Sitting with your horsehead fiddles,
Singing songs.
Oh, my country, my people,
When I return, please just give me a horsehead fiddle!
I shall sing your words,
And mollify my heavenly father.
And, pulling down the rain from the palate of the clouds,
I shall always protect you.
I have come among you as a child of the sky.
You, my rocks of marble,
Please remember well
These words of mine.

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