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G. Zanabazar (1635-1723)

G. Zanabazar (1635-1723)

To the root and lineage lamas who bestow the highest blessings,
To the yidam and the peaceful and wrathful gods, who fall in a rain of siddhi,
And to the dakini and Dharma protectors who eliminate all obstacles,
I prostrate with great respect of body, speech and mind.

I make an offering of concrete things and those created in the mind,
Spreading out through space, as far as it endures.
I admit my faults and errors, built up throughout eternity, and
I rejoice at goodness done by Holy Ones.

I pray you turn the wheel of profound Dharma,
To remain firm until samsara ends.
I pray that, in this ocean of suffering, all the virtue be increased,
Of the Buddhas and their descendents in the three times.

To purify our darkness and our ignorance, and
To spread the light of wise omniscience,
Protect us in these sinful times with your compassion,
We who have met with great wickedness and ignorance.

By pacifying the great fire of suffering,
In which the seeds of evil ripen,
May our minds be loving and, without anger for each other,
May our happiness spread.

Save us, save us, undeceiving Lord!
Watch us, watch us, you boundless source of love!
Do not forget, do not forget, you ancient Dharmapalas!
Think of us, think of us, and quickly save us.

May the sunlight of the Buddha’s teachings spread throughout the ten directions,
May the glorious happiness of all last eternally, and
May we quickly reach that omniscient state,
Where all defilements are purified.

Through the blessing of the lama and the triple jewel and
The undeceiving power of the changeless Dharmadhatu,
Through the activity of the Dharmapalas
May we attain the endless height of Sumeru.

Through the blessing of the lama protectors,
May all present and transcendent troubles be pacified.
May we enjoy the self-arising, universal glory
Of samsara and nirvana.
Sarva mangalam

The First Bogdo Zanabazar, son of Tusheet Khan Gombojavof the Chinggis lineag, was the head of Mongolian Buddism, a uiniquely talented sculptor, educator. His Janlav Tsogzol is a unique and magic poem.
Translated by Simon Wickham-Smith

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